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Best Qi Wireless Power Banks 2018: The Fastest and Safest Charging Qi Wireless Chargers

In comparison to most frequently-seen portable chargers, USB adapters and power banks, the currently most advanced Qi wireless chargers seem to enjoy greater popularity for the convenient wireless design. A wireless charger allows you to charge your device without using a cable. This new trend of charging solution is getting more and more popular due to its rapid, easy charging without the effort. Using a wireless Qi charger at home and in office will make your day productive and worry-free.

Why would you need a wireless power bank? A wireless power bank is especially useful for using in office or at your cozy home because people don’t expect chaos of tangled connecting cables. A Qi wireless power bank is able to charge your essential devices on the go, such as your mobile phone, iPad, iPod etc. However you don’t want to have too many chargers or cables in your pocket or handbag . Here comes the perfect solution, a wireless charging power bank. The Qi wireless power bank is something that would greatly simplify your charging in life.

Let’s check some quick and easy buying guide to avoid any impulse purchase.

What we need a charger for is what it does best, the charging: The Qi wireless power bank is mainly used for recharging your Qi-enabled devices, like your phone. Too slow charging speed will definitely torture you. After a long wait, and you are about to use your cell phone again, but when you find the battery is still low, that would be super awkward and disappointing. So, skip the cheap knock off brands and buy the most reliable ones.

Usually you can find a myriad of Qi wirelesss power banks on the market, and they don’t differ from each other all that much. Some look better, some don’t. But they at the very least have something in common, that is, wireless and magnetic. Now let’s take a closer look at the latest roundup of the best Qi wireless power banks 2018. These typical wireless power banks have gained popularity among users and have been strongly recommended for their reliable quality and terrific performance.

1. Wireless Charger Power Bank, POWERADD QiPower 10000mAh Aluminum Shell Qi Wireless Portable Charger with Type C Input & Output

Poweradd QiPower Qi Wireless Power Bank provides great conveniences for your charging. It requires no cables anymore, simply put your cellphone on the wireless charging pad area to get charge started automatically. The leading charging technology with great efficiency allows you to charge your USB-C devices with High USB-C Input and Output 5V/3A for the maximum. The hassle-free reversible USB Type C connector makes connection a lot easier! This wireless power bank has a built-in cooling board which is made of heat-resistant ABS material. The cooling board helps resist the heat produced while charging for longer battery life. This well-made power bank is solidly built with a durable aluminum shell. The aluminum shell features anodic oxidation coating for robustness and resistance to sweat corrosion.

2. XINLON Magnetic Wireless Car Charger,Wireless Charging for Samsung S8 S8+ S8 Plus S7 S7 Edge S6 Edge Plus Note 5 Note 7 Note 8

This magnetic wireless power bank has great ergonomics in the design. It features a 360 degrees rotatable design for adjustable viewing angles as a perfect car charger. The wireless charger is made of durable silicone anti-skip pad and aluminum for the well finished casing. The strong magnet works greatly to hold your phone securely in place for charging. This wireless charger is one of coolest devices that work as a wireless power bank.

3. 10000mAh Wireless Portable Charger Power Bank, Ultra Slim Qi Wireless Charging Pad with Over-Charge Protection and Dual USB Port

This is a typical Qi-enabled power bank with impressive capability and battery quality. It can be widely used for iPhone 8/8P, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge, S7/S7 edge, S8/S8+, S9/S9+, note5/7/8 or any Qi-enabled device. With this portable power bank, you can enjoy hands-free wireless charging. Stop fussing with cables and all, focus on your work. This wireless charging power bank is equipped with dual USB charging ports and Qi wireless charging mode. Namely, it supports up to 3 devices' charging simultaneously.  

4. Qi Wireless Portable Charger, Hokonui 10000mAh Charging Power Bank with LED Digital Display External Battery Pack

Hokonui 10000mAh charging power bank is a stylish, quick-release Qi wireless power bank. The unit is uniquely designed to be compact, slim and exquisite. Due to the high capacity 10000mAh by lithium polymer battery, the power bank can hold quite a few charges for your mobile devices. Thanks to the Qi wireless technology, you no longer need to carry any cable outdoors. The power bank has a non-slip design on the surface for easy carrying and holding in hand. For the inner protection, it's built with total protection against overload, overheat and short-circuit for longer battery life.

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