LicenseKit is closed-source and requires a commercial license to be used.



LicenseKit is free to use for up to 10 local or file-based licenses. It then requires a commercial license to unlock support for more licenses and more powerful features.

There is one free and two paid tiers to choose from:


βœ”  License key "FREE"

βœ”  10 Local Licenses OR

βœ”  10 File Licenses

βœ—   Remote Licenses

βœ—   Cached Licenses

βœ—   Service Proxying



βœ”  1 App/Library

βœ”  100 Local Licenses OR

βœ”  100 File Licenses

βœ—   Remote Licenses

βœ—   Cached Licenses

βœ—   Service Proxying



βœ”  1 App/Library

βœ”  Unlimited Local Licenses

βœ”  Unlimited File Licenses

βœ”  Unlimited Remote Licenses

βœ”  Cached Licenses

βœ”  Service Proxying


The Free tier lets you try out LicenseKit in any app or library. Just use the license key β€œFREE” when you set up LicenseKit, and you will get a free trial version that you can use forever.

The Basic tier is perfect for smaller project with few users, while the Gold tier is perfect for larger, commercial projects with many users.

Licenses can be purchased from Gumroad or using your preferred method of payment (Paypal, Xoom etc.). Just send an e-mail and we’ll discuss your needs.

Licenses are valid for one app/library and for one year. After your license expires, you have to extend your license or purchase a new one to keep using LicenseKit.

LicenseKit supports iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS and macOS.