License 0.8

Oct 19, 2023 releases

LicenseKit 0.8 is out with a bunch of changes that make the license engine and services easier to use. This will also make it possible for LicenseKit to offer monthly subscriptions and free trials.

LicenseKit header

Free Trial

LicenseKit now offers a 7 day Free Trial alongside the Free tier. The Free Trial applies to all tiers and will automatically be enabled when you sign up for a license.

Monthly Payments

LicenseKit now has a monthly payment plan that lets you pay as you go, instead of paying for a full year at once. The monthly plan is available to all tiers.

Immediate License Activation

You can now start using LicenseKit immediately after signing up, without having to wait for the license to be activated. Yearly licenses will use server validation before they’ve been added to a release.

Code Improvements

License services no longer need you to provide them with a license when setting up a license engine. This is now fully handled by the license engine, which makes the code a lot cleaner.

The .api and .gumroad services has new cached flag, that let you wrap them in a cache layer by just setting it to true.

The Gumroad.Purchase will now provide you with a default license that maps as much as possible from the raw response. You can return this license right away, or modify it as needed.

Breaking changes

The LicenseEngine initializer is now async to support API-based license validation. This means that you will have to adjust your code to support concurrency when creating an engine.

The license changes in the engine and the services will require you to remove any license handling you currently have in place. The code will be cleaner as a result.


LicenseKit 0.8 can be downloaded from GitHub and LicenseKit licenses purchased from Gumroad.