License 0.6

Sep 30, 2023 releasesintegrations

LicenseKit 0.6 is out, with a new Gumroad integrations and models. This new version also aims to streamline the library, and thus has many breaking changes.

LicenseKit header

You have always been able to use a remote license service to integrate with REST-based APIs. This support is however extended in 0.5, which now uses a new API configuration model.

This configuration model makes is easy to specify configurations for every external service that you want to integrate with. As a result of this, there is a brand new Gumroad integration layer that lets you start fetching licenses from Gumroad with just a few lines of code.

Many library types have been renamed, removed, consolidated, etc. to provide a much cleaner API that is easier to use. The documentation has been thoroughly rewritten, and has new sample code.


LicenseKit 0.6 can be fetched from GitHub and licenses purchased from Gumroad. The demo apps currently don’t use these new capabilities, but the online documentation describes how it works.