Say hello to LicenseKit!

Feb 23, 2022

After a period of internal tests, LicenseKit is now available as closed beta. This post explains how to join the closed beta program.



LicenseKit is a Swift-based SDK that can be used to protect your libraries and apps with commercial licenses. It supports all major Apple platforms (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS) and can be used to validate licenses locally on-device as well as remotely.

The local license engine can be configured with hard-coded licenses, which requires you to release new versions to add more licenses. This is a perfect option for libraries where a license gives access to all versions that are released during the license’s validity period.

The remote license engine can be connected to any external license server or api. You just have to implement a class that makes a network request and map the response to a certain format. Future improvements to this engine will be coming later.

LicenseKit will be extended with more license engines in later versions.


LicenseKit has two initial tiers - Basic and Pro. Basic is perfect for smaller projects with few users, while Pro is perfect for larger projects with a large amount of users.

Pricing and setup may change later as more features are added, but these are the two tiers that are available for the closed beta.

How to join the closed beta

Joining the closed beta will let you use LicenseKit free of charge while the library is in beta, with a significant discount after the beta program ends. LicenseKit licenses are currently obtained from this page. A web shop will come later.

Future changes

The closed beta program is experimental, so things may (and most probably will) change as time passes. Just reach out if you have any questions or feedback or would like to join the program.