Welcome to LicenseKit!

LicenseKit helps you protect your Swift-based apps and libraries with a commercial license.

LicenseKit supports all major Apple platforms (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS) and lets you validate licenses locally (and soon remotely).



LicenseKit requires a commercial license to be used.

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LicenseKit licenses let you specify a bunch of conditions, like supported platforms, bundle IDs, expiration date etc. This means that you can create your own license model that fits your needs.

Local License Validation


LicenseKit supports local license validation, which is hard-coded into your binary. It doesn't require a remote api or a connection, but requires new binary versions to add and remove licenses.

Remote License Validation


LicenseKit will add support for remote license validation, which will let you use remote files or apis to handle your licenses.


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LicenseKit is hosted at GitHub, which is where you will find info, documentation, demo apps etc.




Don't hesistate to reach out if you have any questions or need more features.